Uighur Tours Team

    UighurTours Team is group of young people who are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of China, more importantly we are proud of the rich culture, splendid history,outstanding scenery of our hometown, and happy to share it with the rest of the world.

Ali Tash

owner of the company

  • Ali Tash Hudabardy is from Kashgar. He is an expert tour organizer and has been working in the tourism sector for almost 16 years. His reputation for professionalism is known to tourists all over the world. He knows a great deal about the local culture, customs and histories of all the minorities in Xinjiang and has an excellent command of English. He’s a very strict man with a friendly, hospitable and humorous personality.

Abdul Wali

Vice General manager

  • Abdul Wali is from Kashgar, Xinjiang and has been giving tourists unforgettable experiences for more than 17 years now. He has been to all the tourist sites in Xinjiang and specializes in making every tour a unique one. He is not only a good professional tour Organizer, but also knowledgeable tour guide who has the Senior National tour guide license given by Tourism ministry of China.
    He speaks excellent English and being partime English teacher at schools

Nur Muhammad

Euro-American Depth Manager

  • Nur Muhammad also is from Kashgar, on the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road. He’s been working in the tourism field for over 16 years. He speaks both English and French and is an expert tour guide with a jolly, friendly face.
    Nur Muhammad enjoys his work and has an excellent knowledge of local life and culture with a first-class sense of humour. A tour with him is a meaningful one.

Abdul Keyoum

Company Driver

  • Abdul Keyoum was born in 1974 and has been driving tourism car since 2004. He is full of humor and favorited by tourists.
    He speaks some basic English and has been to every corner of Xinjiang as well as most parts of the Silk Road
    Some of our clients say “he is live GPS” for long distance driving tours.


English speaking Tour-guide

  • Allabardy is a very popular guide with tourists. He speaks Excellent English and has over 8 years of experience behind him. He’s young, hard working and has an excellent sense of personal hospitality. He also specializes in the local culture, history and lifestyle of each minority group in Xinjiang as well as Silk Road China

Abdul Wayit

English speaking Tour-guide

  • Abdul wayit was born in 1987 in a small village of Kashgar. He has been in Uighur Tours since 2005 and received great reviews from clients. He is full of energy and speaks excellent English.
    He enjoys his job and happy to share his knowledge and Experience with his clients