Reference letter from Malaysian TV3

  • Assalamualaikum and Good Day, I am Mr. Zailan Rahman, producer for Travelodge documentary “Spice Routes” TV3 Malaysia. I want to preface this testimonial by saying that I was so impressed with the service that I received recently from Mr. Ali Tash , director of Uighur Tour. We worked with Mr. Ali Tash and his team on our documentary “Spice Routes 3 in China”, first in 2010 in Kashgar and Hotan area with Mr. Abdul Salam and a second time in Turpan with Mr. Ali Tash in April 2013. . Working with Uighur Tours on our Travelodge documentary has been conducted in a very professional manner. As our project was a little unusual and required thinking outside the box and problem solving, Mr. Ali attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively and desire to assist in any way possible was a breath of fresh air. Mr. Ali was absolutely instrumental in ensuring that I will be keep abreast regarding local and government policies, rules and regulation. He assists us within the budget allowed. Making brilliant suggestion and furthermore it exceeded my expectation in any respect.
    Not only he speak fluent English, but are also very efficient at handling and fixing things with locals with the added bonus of an excellent on camera character when needed.
    The service we received was top notch and there is no doubt that we will be using Uighur Tours as our ‘local agency again in future. I am pleased to recommend Mr. Ali Tash and his team at Uighur Tours for your media documentary or trip to this area. He is extremely organized and on top of every issue. I know I can count on him to come through in a positive way, no matter the situation. If you are ever considering traveling in this part of the world, there is none better than Mr. Ali Tash for meeting your needs and getting the job well done.