There is one overnight train everyday from kashgar to Yining , it takes 24 hours from kashgar to Yining ; train departure 5:34pm and arrive in Yining at 5:31pm on the next day ; it is total 23:56 hours train journey .  The return train from Yining departure from Yining at 9:00am and arrive in […]

Karakoram Highway, from Oytag town till Bulongkol lake part which is total about 90kms , has been recontructed sinice three years and it has been finished recently . One tunnel which is about 5kms has been made and  the road  became much safer . The highway was built much higher than before , some part […]

Usually we get snow after December every year in kashgar , but this year winter came earlier and we already got snow quite Harvey two weeks ago . Some of our tourists who want to visit karakul lake came back from half way as too much snow on the way , So if you would […]

Train travel in China is generally decent and most parts of the nation are now connected. Whilst it’s undoubtedly convenient to travel by rail, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain tickets at times of peak travel especially during holidays like May holiday from 1st to 7th of May, National day from 1st to 7th […]

Silk Road Tours involve exploring a number of cities having their own history, life and culture. Amongst the most popular ones, on the route of Silk Road, Uzbekistan is renowned for its beautiful cities that are counted as the most sought-after tourist places. Its three legendary cities namely Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara have a lot […]

The ancient Silk Road, home to several countries, bridges the gap between East and West. Historically having significance as the trade network, the Silk Road is one of the oldest routes in the world and witness to a number of business transactions among China and other borders. It is at China Silk Road’s western end […]

Xinjiang – the most intriguing city of China is a Muslim-dominated province. Rather different from rest of the nation, Xinjiang shares global boundaries with Afghanistan, Pakistan and a number of central Asian countries. Being China’s largest autonomous region, Xinjiang has a lot to explore and is full of incredible architectures. Home to more than 12 […]

You will rarely find a traveler who has never heard of the Silk Road; if not the details at least the mention of it must have reached his/her ears at one time or the other. The Silk Road is frequented by avid travelers from around the world, who follow the route once taken by adventurers […]

A China Silk Road Tour is an adventure of a lifetime that offers travelers a chance to see firsthand the famed Silk Road. You will not find many people who have not heard of the Silk Road. The Silk Road, with its rich past & ancient glory, finds mention in the history books of many […]